Monday, February 23, 2009

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The Phoenix Hotel in the forties and fifties and some years earlier and later was famed for its table. It was in the days when there were no game laws and when game was abundant. As soon as the weather permitted, game was supplied in large quantities from the neighboring mountains, and the larder of the Phoenix Hotel was always furnished during the cold season with venison, pheasant, quail and an occasional wild turkey.

The hotel was fortunate in having an exceptionally good cook, and its patrons from the city were regaled with game cooked to the "queen's taste". The landlord, Gilchrist, presided at table, did the carving for his guests and looked after their comfort. The dinner table was always supplied with two bottles of brandy for such use as the guests might care to make of them.

Is it any wonder that the hotel was known far and wide ? (George R. Bedford - Early Recollections)

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